An Auto Trash Bag With Class

This is not a purse!
auto trash bag

A great gift for the girl or guy who has everything! 

Just think of all of the items you can keep within arm’s reach. The first prototype was created more than 10 years ago, with the idea evolving as more and more happy customers have requested them for their cars. Mobile Attaché™ has met popular demand. The V Luton Co.™ goal is to keep the highways cleaner and cars free of clutter.

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The Mobile Attaché is/has:

  • Eco-Friendly; Made From Faux Leather
  • Concealed Carry Bags


  • Water-Resistant Lining
  • Litter Control
  • Utility Bag
  • Easy to Keep Clean; Wipe With a Clean, Damp Cloth
  • Adjustable


Travel in style with the Mobile Attaché. Instead of using a boring shopping bag to keep all of your necessities in one place, try our trendy Car Storage Bags available in a variety of styles and colors. The Car Catch-all, with its handy adjustable loop, fits conveniently over your center console gearshift so that it is readily available. Keep the inside of your car nice and tidy when you are on trips by using these fashionable Car Travel Bags. Store your gas cards, tollbooth change, parking passes, and more! Daily commutes and family trips don’t have to leave your car in an unorganized mess. With Mobile Attaché, you can always stay organized and find the items that you use the most in your vehicle.

A new solution for organizing the clutter and disposing of the litter in your car is here. Mobile Attache serves as an auto trash, concealed carry or storage bag. This car organizer is a utility bag that provides litter control,

VLuton Co., auto trash bagMobile Attache, auto trash bag

There's a new simple solution for organizing your stuff and disposing of the debris in your car. 

With your zest for style, why settle for shoving that debris in the door-side pockets (you know you do) or worse, throwing it on the floor?

 Our Mobile Attaché™ features front and back adjustable cord locks allowing for an ideal fit. Just install on the console gearshift and adjust with the spring-action-cord locks. The inside is water resistant, and the entire bag is easily cleaned with a damp cloth.

The two pockets on the front of the Mobile Attaché™ make it easy to store the things you use most frequently while in your vehicle.

Mobile Attaché™ will also help you organize all of that other "stuff,” like smartphones, business cards, receipts, sunglasses, and how about that iPad or tablet you want to keep safe? It fits! It serves as an attractive auto utility bag with that extra bit of class revealing your excellent taste


  • Throw Away Trash
  • Store Travel Size Lotions, Tissue, Hand Sanitizers, etc.
  • Stow the Little Things that Slide Around & Get Lost Under the Car Seat

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V Luton Co. presents Mobile Attaché

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